IVMS Compliance

GeoSecure provide compliant IVMS solutions for a broad range of IVMS specifications such as Safer Together, Rio Tinto, BHP, FMG & Laing O’Rourke.

Our system supports a highly configurable Rules engine that enables IVMS requirements to be configured to suit your project needs. The in-vehicle hardware supports endless add-on components delivering a future proof platform allowing for vehicles to meet compliance requirements across multiple IVMS specification types.

Devices operate on Telstra’s 4G/LTE CAT-M-1 network providing optimal cellular coverage. If vehicles are operating in remote locations where cellular coverage is unavailable an optional Iridium Satellite modem can be added, the device will always try to use cellular communications but will revert to Satellite communications when required.

Duress switches provide drivers with immediate notifications to configured staff whether the vehicle is operating in cellular or satellite communications mode.

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Zone Specific Monitoring

Geo-Spacial zone data is easily imported into the system for you and updated on your behalf as it is released or provided by you.

The configurable Rules engine is then applied inline with the Zone requirements i.e. 4WD engaged on Unsealed surface or 40m/h zone. The system automatically applies the rules to all reported data highlighting any Rule exceptions in the required reporting format, reports are delivered automatically by email to you for validation.

The GeoSecure IVMS solution is used across Australia providing compliance and simple, cost effective tools to keep your drivers and fleet safe and compliant

Configurable & Future Proof IVMS Solutions

Our IVMS solution can be configured on a vehicle by vehicle or vehicle group basis enabling you to deploy a single IVMS solution across your fleet even if vehicles are working on multiple projects with varying IVMS requirements

  • Safer Together compliant
  • LORA compliant (Laing O’Rourke)
  • BHP / Rio Tinto / FMG compliant
  • IVMS standard reporting interface
  • Safer Together and site specific zones imported directly into the system
  • Seatbelt engaged monitoring
  • Dangerous driving monitoring
  • Optional in-vehicle audible driver alerts
  • 2WD/4WD/6WD engaged monitoring
  • Driver identification
  • Duress alarm
  • Live notifications of dangerous driving events
  • Collision detection and reconstruction
  • Reversing speed monitoring
  • Fatigue & rest break monitoring
In Vehicle Monitoring System Kit with the description on the side

Cost Effective, Simple to Install and Future Proof IVMS

The Geotab IVMS hardware provides a scalable future proof and fit for purpose IVMS solution whatever project your vehicles will be operating on.

Simple to install via the vehicles OBDII port the GO9 telematics device is equipped with a USB port allowing for additional components to be added to support new requirements without the need to replace the device.

IVMS Hardware Components

GO9 4G/LTE Telematics Device

OBDII Vehicle Harness

NFC Driver ID Reader

NFC Driver Tags

Auxiliary Input Switch (if required inputs not available on ECU,     e.g. 4WD engaged

Iridium Satellite Modem

Duress Switch

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