Fleet Management within Civil Construction and Mining operations often means workers are isolated in some of the harshest conditions in Australia.

By installing Geotab’s GPS tracking devices and extending this to include a satellite modem, you can enhance fleet productivity and include safety features such as in-vehicle duress alarms and man-down safety pendants.

Geotab’s unique GPS tracking devices also support rollover detection and automated alerts to inform, operational teams and where required search and rescue when help is needed.

Deliver driver training and coach drivers in real-time with Praiso cutting the costs incurred through classroom based training and time consuming driver and operator debriefs following infringement or incident detection.

My Geo Tab for Construction Industry

Plan optimal routes and minimise idling and fuel usage

Fuel is a significant cost for any fleet operator so managing ineffective usage of fuel delivers immediate and profitable impact. Through efficient route mapping and alerts for excessive idling your fleet can operate at a lower cost and in parallel increase productivity.

Prioritise and automate maintenance schedules to maximise asset uptime and efficiency

Record odometer and SMU hours in real-time to ensure scheduled maintenance windows are never missed. Geotab’s advanced fleet management solution allows you to predict asset issues by remotely detecting engine fault codes before they cause a breakdown.

Maintenance Reminder Software