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GPS tracking and advanced telematics for vehicles, electric vehicles and heavy machinery.

Geotab provides you with the tools and data insights to gain more control over your fleet vehicles and assets.

Improve fleet efficiency, utilisation and driver behaviour; protecting your business, your workforce and your reputation.

An industry leading fleet management platform to suit every business, our advanced in-vehicle telematics units deliver real-time location and vehicle performance data securely to your fleet managers in a simple to use web portal accessible from anywhere.

Take control of your fleet operations, reduce fuel spend, increase security and maximise fleet efficiency, whether you have 1 or 1000 vehicles we have a solution that fits your business.

GO9 – Advanced Telematics and Vehicle Tracking device

The Geotab GO9 device is the most powerful GO device ever. Collect accurate and comprehensive data on vehicle location, speed, trip, distance and time, engine idling and vehicle health. In the event of a suspected collision detailed forensic data will be automatically uploaded from the GO9 device to allow for forensic reconstruction of the incident.

Secure and accurate reporting of VIN, odometer and engine faults help you to prioritise vehicle maintenance to keep your vehicles operational and efficient.

Installation is fast and simple depending on your fleet make-up, devices can be self-installed or fitted by our network of approved installers.

Fleet management made simple

The Geotab backoffice system has been designed to enable all configured users to access the data they need with minimal effort. Vehicle data is recorded as soon as the ignition is switched on, VIN, odometer, driving events and even vehicle fault codes are recorded.

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Fleet management solutions from Geotab

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Fleet Optimisation
Onboard driver camera

Dashcam and In-vehicle CCTV

Integrate dash cameras with your telematics solution for better visibility of drivers and vehicles. Video documentation will help you investigate and support any claims should a collision occur. Capture even more with LED night vision.

Geotab’s open platform enables for integration with top dashboard camera systems. We understand that there is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all solution. Geotab gives customers the freedom of choice and flexibility by allowing them to select the dashcam that best suits their fleet’s needs. On the Geotab Marketplace, you can find our available camera options.

Electric Vehicle Management

Geotab’s Fuel and EV Energy Usage report helps you compare both vehicle types in one simple place. Monitor how your EVs are performing against traditional engine vehicles, or gain insight into battery usage patterns to streamline charging processes. Identify any Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicles (PHEVs) operating on fuel alone, to better target vehicle allocation.

Fleet Optimisation services Australia

Live Notifications

Understanding when and where operational issues arise within your fleet is made simple with the use of exception rules and notifications.

Exception rules can be configured for all aspects of your fleet operations such as Safety exceptions for driver behaviour, Productivity exceptions for late arrivals or early departures, Fleet exceptions for excessive idling or engine issues and Compliance exceptions for missing vehicle inspections.

Exceptions and notifications can be configured for all vehicles and drivers, configured groups or individuals to support campaign management and overall performance improvements.

Management Reporting

Geotab provides a comprehensive suite of customisable dashboards and reports to understand your fleet’s behaviour, simplify fleet administration and identify inefficient and costly activities.

Monitor KPI’s such as deliveries per driver, average fuel consumption, and drivers who speed, or identify those drivers who frequently arrive late and depart early. All reports can downloaded in PDF or Excel format and scheduled to be emailed to you daily, weekly, monthly or on demand.

With proactive management, you can create custom rues for your drivers and receive instant updates through email and more.

Route planning and optimisation made easy

Through the simple to use MyGeotab web portal you can plan routes, create a series of stops or waypoints where your vehicles are planned to provide a service,  or make a pickup or delivery. Add zones to provide closer monitoring and generate real-time notifications for plan or route exceptions.

Use the optimise feature to make your routes more efficient, saving time and fuel  or reschedule manually to meet your customer comittments.

Manage your fleet with a solution that fleet operators and owners trust

Increase your Fleet Productivity and outperform the competition

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