Transport Logistics

Revolutionise and keep your fleet operations on track with time efficient and safe delivery of goods.

Optimise delivery routes for improved service levels and reduced costs and monitor temperature sensitive goods to ensure you maintain an unbroken cold chain.

Expand your Geotab solution to monitor temperature control and react before issues arise. Seamless integration with external sensors and temperature monitors provide you with the confidence that products are delivered within the specified temperature range. Real-time alerts for temperature deviations and customer audit reports ensure reliability and customer satisfaction.

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Transport Logistics

Benchmark your fleet performance KPI’s against similar operations to identify areas of success and improvement. Geotab’s unrivalled client base provides unique insights into operational best practice.

Protect drivers with full remote visibility of events that are taking place on the road and react faster. With alerts for collision detection, speeding and even route deviation equip yourself with advanced fleet management tools that put you in control even with an interstate or nation-wide operation.

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