Future proof solutions that grow with your business

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Future proof solutions that grow with your business

Expand beyond vehicle tracking with a platform that can scale to support your business

Get the most out of your telematics through IOX expansion. Geotab IOX® Add-Ons allows businesses to enhance all aspects of their telematics solution.

Connect additional hardware to enable new features. Solutions include alert buttons, Bluetooth beacons, adapters and harnesses for different vehicle models, and GO TALK in-vehicle driver feedback.

Geotab GO9 IOX
Fleet management software for vehicles

Collect more and better data on your fleet activity

Integrating additional sensors and solutions into your vehicle tracking lets you monitor complex activities in the field. Expand the tracker to identify drivers, provide in-vehicle coaching or alerts, or monitor unique parts of your vehicle systems, such as lifts and arms, or temperature controls. Geotab’s suite of hardware extensions support multiple protocols wired or wireless, to ensure you have the best picture of your fleet’s movements.

Flexible in-vehicle hardware extensions

Geotab’s in-vehicle devices can integrate through CAN, USB, RS232 or Bluetooth Low Energy interfaces. Your fleet has more technology than ever before. Connect it to your fleet management system to truly harness the power or vehicle data generated in the field.

iOS mobile device add ons
Geotag Expandability

Develop new software applications and enhance support for your existing operations

With Geotab’s Software Development Kit and APIs, you can feed your data into new or existing systems, to get the most out of your fleet management solution. Develop tools and enhance your customers experience and simply integrate fleet data into systems such as your ERP.

Manage your fleet with a solution that fleet operators and owners trust

With over 2 million connected vehicles globally Geotab is a platform that consistently delivers. Trusted by Government and Enterprise organisations as well as small and medium sized business, Geotab provides you with the tools you need to optimise your fleet operations.