Automate fleet & operational Compliance

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Automate fleet & operational Compliance

Vehicle pre-start checks

Let Geotab help you manage your fleet’s safety and operational compliance with user-friendly rules and tools. Capture vehicle inspection and pre-start checklist results electronically. Record compliance issues and non-conformances directly into your fleet management system for simplified maintenance management.

DVIR Inspection
GPS fleet driver management

Avoid fines for speeding and other traffic infringements

Manage road user safety with rules, alerts and notifications if your drivers break the speed limit. Notify the driver with a buzzer alert or audible spoken reminder with GO TALK. Issue customised notifications by text, email or desktop notification when drivers speed excessively and use coaching to lower the risk of infringement notices

Manage your Fuel Tax Credit by leveraging data

Fuel excise is applied at the bowser, but not every litre of fuel should incur the tax. Driving off road, on private roads, or when running additional fuel-consuming but untaxed applications (such as refrigeration) could all mean you are eligible to request a refund from the ATO. Geotab and our Partners can provide the detail you need to maximise your rebate.

Construction industry fleet management

Investigate and digitally reconstruct vehicle collisions

With comprehensive vehicle data, Geotab’s vehicle tracking devices and cloud-based fleet management solutions help you identify causes of collisions, and even use your data to reconstruct the event. Use this to support insurance claims and ensure driver and public safety, and protect your reputation.

Manage your fleet with a solution that fleet operators and owners trust

With over 2 million connected vehicles globally Geotab is a platform that consistently delivers. Trusted by Government and Enterprise organisations as well as small and medium sized business, Geotab provides you with the tools you need to optimise your fleet operations.