Optimise fleet operations and increase your bottom line

Fuel management

By connecting to the Geotab platform, you have visibility into trends on fuel usage and fill-ups, plus access to critical engine data for proactive vehicle maintenance. Integrate your fuel cards to monitor transactions by fuel type and state right from MyGeotab. Set rules and notifications to proactively manage speeding and idling. Track these key fuel metrics:

  • Fuel consumption (fuel used and fuel used when idling)
  • Fuel economy (the actual MPG)
  • Fuel level
  • True idling
  • Engine faults, such as faulty oxygen sensor

Fleet maintenance tools

Geotab’s reliable fleet tracking fleet makes fleet maintenance and diagnostics easy. Reduce vehicle downtime, cut administrative costs, and catch engine issues early with MyGeotab and our partner integrations. We offer the following tools to help you manage all of your fleet maintenance and diagnostic needs:

  • Remote diagnostics
  • Inventory management
  • Predictive maintenance
  • Maintenance scheduling and reminders
  • Work order management
  • Maintenance cost reports

Geotab has been designed to help you maximise your fleet uptime, click here to book a demo

Vehicle and plant utilisation

Maximise vehicle and plant efficiency and uptime through real-time reports and analytics around asset utilisation. Identify over and under utilised assets and keep maintenance and lease costs within budget through accurate odometer and SMU hours reporting. Utilise the data your devices deliver to ensure the right asset is put on the right job and with the right driver or operator.

Transport Logistics

Geotab Keyless

Take the administration time out of your pooled and shared vehicle fleets with Geotab Keyless. Control secure vehicle access to authorised users from anywhere, even if vehicles are parked out of cellular coverage.

Manage your fleet with a solution that fleet operators and owners trust

With over 2 million connected vehicles globally Geotab is a platform that consistently delivers. Trusted by Government and Enterprise organisations as well as small and medium sized business, Geotab provides you with the tools you need to optimise your fleet operations.