Fleet camera solutions to protect drivers and your vehicles

SureCam network-connected dash cam technology protects fleets from false driving allegations and are the first line of defence against high insurance claims costs. SureCam uses industry leading camera technology and supporting software to provide fleet video footage in real time – instantly, from the scene.

With SureCam technology fully integrated with Geotab’s market leading telematics solution, you can choose to view your dash cam footage and incident data directly within the MyGeotab platform or opt leverage SureCam dash cameras as a standalone fleet video platform.

Drive down fleet costs. Manage risk. Minimize insurance claims.

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Dual-Facing Dash Camera Solutions for Commercial Vehicles

SureCam’s dual-facing dash cam system provides an instant view of both the road and inside the cab, allowing safety managers to respond in near-real time to incidents as they happen and improve driver behaviour through ongoing video-supported coaching.

The dual-facing dash cam system has two hardware components: a forward-facing camera that mounts to the windshield and offers a view of the road, and a secondary camera that is installed anywhere in the cab for an interior or driver-facing view.

The SureCam system transmits videos simultaneously from both cameras within 15 seconds of an incident, providing instant visibility and the ability to quickly resolve liability.

Forward facing dash camera solutions for company & fleet vehicles

Forward-facing connected dash cam’s provide fleet operators with the visibility and protection they need to capture objective evidence of collisions and harsh driving to drive down incidents and claims costs while maintaining driver privacy.

Also referred to as “road facing” and “front facing”  connected dash cams, SureCam forward-facing connected dash cameras use harsh driving sensors to trigger instant notifications of incidents as they occur to give fleet managers the supporting data along with video evidence they need to quickly respond to incidents as they occur and manage the overall risk of their fleet.

Advanced forward facing dash camera technology

Cellular connected dash cameras offer many benefits for fleets. On average, SureCam clients see a 55% reduction in overall incident frequency and a 40% reduction in claims costs after installing connected dash cameras.

Improve fleet safety and reduce claims costs with industry-leading connected dash camera technology:

  • Real-Time Visibility: Data and video instantly uploaded through the Telstra network to a secure server
  • Hands Free Functionality: Alerts are triggered from g-force sensors and automatically sent without the need for manual driver intervention
  • On-Demand Fleet Video: Remotely investigate call-ins and other non-harsh driving triggered events through SureCam’s on-demand ‘Video Request’ feature
  • Supercharge Incident Reports: Leverage analytics and reporting made available through SureCam, including speed, location tracking and g-force data to speed up the claims process and manage overall risk through driver coaching
  • Combine Fleet Video with GPS Location Tracking: Protect your business with video evidence and get real-time visibility into where your vehicles are and where they have been with full trip history reporting using the SureCam View Pro online platform
  • Reduce Incident Frequency: SureCam clients reduce incident frequency by up to 55%, allowing you to spend less time responding to accidents or more time managing the business
  • Reduce Claims Costs: Many fleets reduce claims costs by up to 40% or more, directly saving on out-of-pocket costs for your business
  • Geotab Integration: Get full access to your fleet video overlaid with the robust fleet management insights provided by Geotab directly within your MyGeotab platform

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