We are revolutionising driving safety

Managing drivers who drive your vehicles or represent your brand is a challenging process that often requires dedicated staff to achieve consistent performance and continuous improvement.

The results of improved driver behaviour for a business means drivers and the roads they are driving are safer, which also enhances your brand reputation. From a financial perspective the benefits are also huge; reduced fuel spends, lower maintenance costs, longer tyre life and of course a reduction in speeding fines.

Praiso is an industry first, our award-winning cloud-based learning management solution helps you better manage driver risk by using AI software to turn raw telematics and vehicle tracking data into a personal digital driver coaching program.

Praiso AI Engine

Actual events that take place on the road are processed by the Praiso engine which then generates contextual driver coaching information which is sent to the driver’s mobile application. The coaching driver information is presented in the form of messaging, quizzes and video content. Drivers are ranked on both their driving performance and in parallel their engagement with the delivered content.

Fleet Managers and Safety stakeholders are left with the simpler task of monitoring underperforming drivers who are not engaging with the content saving time, driver down time and in parallel saving you money and reducing risks to your drivers, other road users, your vehicles and your brand.

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Safer driving for all shapes and sizes

Praiso is a must-have tool for drivers of all vehicle types including cars, vans and heavy goods vehicles and plant. It is your chance to set a new benchmark in road safety using responsive, impactful technology that encourages drivers to drive safely and responsibly through a unique gamification model.


If you have a fleet of vehicles or assets fitted with GPS tracking or Telematics equipment, then Praiso can be connected to your system to enable immediate improvements to your drivers driving behaviour.

Increase the ROI of your Telematics Solution

Aside from coaching your drivers to not exceed road speed limits, improve braking and cornering techniques the result of these improved behaviours, aside from reduced fleet costs, is a reduction in accidents and incidents on our Australian roads.

Praiso increases the ROI of your existing Telematics solution!

Praiso uses the existing Driver Behaviour data that your telematics system is already producing and removes the need for new tracking hardware and of course the time-consuming report creation and general driver management following driving infringements.

Get more from your Telematics & Vehicle Tracking investment and let Praiso take care of your driver performance management and help to keep Australian roads safe and accident free. If you do not already have a Telematics or Vehicle Fleet Tracking solution, then we can also provide this for you!

Praiso Driver Management Portal

Praiso has been designed from the ground to provide an engaging, simple to use and effective driver management experience. The user interface is clear and simple, so it does not require costly training programs. Authorised users can view individual driver performance data, driver league tables and the coaching content that has been assigned to each driver. A scoring system for the driver’s engagement with the coaching content provides a comprehensive view of both driver performance and coaching content engagement.

Driver Mobile Application

The Praiso mobile applications, available on both Apple phones and tablets and Android phones and tablets, have been designed to be simple, engaging and fun to use. Each driver is given a unique login to their app and are presented with their driver score, coaching content engagement score and where they sit in the driver league table, we call it the Wall of Legends. Drivers are notified of any coaching content that has been assigned to them or any driving campaign coaching content that you as the Fleet owner have initiated.

The application does not sound alarms or distract the driver whilst they are driving, we do not believe drivers need any more distractions than they already need to contend with. Coaching content is delivered at a time configured by you to minimise disruption and distraction to the driver.

Our Praiso Customers

Take a look below at what some of the Praiso customers have to say about the improvements around safety and reduced fleet costs and of course the end driver experience.