Enhance the Safety of your fleet with advanced fleet management solutions.

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Enhance the Safety of your fleet with advanced fleet management solutions.

Driver safety reporting

Access a control tower view of your fleet vehicles and prioritise safety by monitoring key fleet metrics. Understand your drivers driving habits and reduce incident rates using focussed safety dashboard reports, safety alerts and advanced collision avoidance systems.

Integrated DashCams

Seamless fleet management software integration with a range of dash cam solutions that provide you with the facts behind collisions and other critical events. Access high definition footage for incident investigation and protect your business against fraudulent claims made against your drivers.

Collision detection & reconstruction

Be notified about suspected collisions in real-time and respond to events that take place out on the road with collision detection. When a suspected collision has taken place alerts are sent to the configured recipient and forensic data from the Geotab GO9 telematics device is immediately uploaded for investigation.

Vehicle accident prevention software
Fleet services for safety services

Seatbelt usage

The Geotab GO9 telematics device can monitor and detect the use of both driver and passenger seatbelts. Report on areas of risk within your operation and manage your drivers to help keen them and your vehicles safe.

Manage your fleet with a solution that fleet operators and owners trust

With over 2 million connected vehicles globally Geotab is a platform that consistently delivers. Trusted by Government and Enterprise organisations as well as small and medium sized business, Geotab provides you with the tools you need to optimise your fleet operations.