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How does our fleet management software help your business?


Track, route and dispatch drivers to ensure a productive fleet.


Drive efficiency & cost savings in fuel efficiency and planned fleet maintenance.


Analyse and encourage safe driver behaviour with reports and in-vehicle coaching.


Reduce carbon and particulate emissions, or integrate EVs and electrify your fleet.


Ensure road rule compliance with safety checklists and speeding reports.


Our open platform lets you integrate hardware or software options to drive performance.

GeoTab – Vehicle and Plant Tracker

Collect rich, accurate data on vehicle location, speed, trip distance and time, engine idling and more. Monitor your fleet in real-time, analyse data from your vehicle assets, and utilise any one of Geotab’s suite of standard reports – or build a custom report unique to your needs.

Utilise the SureCam network-connected dash cam technology which protects fleets from false driving allegations and are the first line of defence against high insurance claims costs.

Driver tracking

Stop aggressive driving, fuel wastage, vehicle wear and tear and bad reputation, collisions, and more. Tackle driver issues with driver tracking and coaching.  Instant notifications help you to stay on top of how your fleet is being used. You can even get reports on your drivers to help improve driving behavior.

Book a demo to learn more about:

  • GO TALK in-vehicle driver feedback,
  • driver safety scorecard
  • Compliance dashboards
  • Fatigue monitoring
  • Anti-distraction phone lock box
  • Speeding and set blet violation reports and more

Fuel Management

Real-time driver verbal feedback keeps your staff accountable for aggressive driving habits that increase fuel costs. Recieve details fuel economy idling reports, assisting with your CO2 emissions.  You can even intergreate your fuel cards to monitor transactions.

Real-time Asset Tracking

Monitor your valuable goods with GPD tracking. This assists with your customer services, stops theft, monitors the conditions of your assets with alerts on temperature, geofenced zones and more.

Know where your assets are when you need them and limit time spent looking for forgotten equipment and tools. Perfect for Transportation and logistics, Construction, Food or pharmaceuticals, Landscaping, Oil, gas, and mining, Utilities, Police and first responders

Benchmarking Data

See how your fleet stacks up against the competition with benchmarking reports. Measure your performance and track against goals. See where your fleet can improve or drive down costs. Find new efficiencies, Uncover gaps, Identify strategic savings opportunities and Pinpoint areas of improvement

Commercial dash cams

Detect risky events with real-time dash cams. Stay informed of unsafe driving as well as cover yourself and safe driving staff. Use video to support driver coaching and training, Record and save video evidence of collisions, and Receive immediate text or email notifications of incidents. Protect your business with fleet cameras

Keeping your business compliant

Record vehicle safety and condition reporting. Inspect your vehicles and note compliance issues and non-conformances directly into your fleet management system.

Avoid fines for speeding and other traffic infringements. Manage your Fuel Tax Credit by leveraging data

Simplify driver vehicle inspections and vehicle diagnostics. Set up rules for real-time alerts when defects are found or inspections are missed. Receive notifications for missed inspections and defects. Attach pictures and comments to inspection reports. Automatically notify the mechanic when a DVIR is complete and a repair is needed

Geotab is just the beginning

The beauty of using GeoTab as your fleet management software is that Geotab is one of the best and largest. Geotab’s unique open platform allows you to bring in more data, or combine it with other business systems. Use Geotab’s Software Development Kit and APIs to collect better data. Geotab’s open platform uniquely allows you to integrate third-party hardware applications.

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More than just viewing your vehicles on a map

Do you know what you miss out on by not having effective fleet management.

Loss of money

Fuel consumption

Loss of time

Cargo theft

Loss of goods

Skilled drivers

You know you need telematics…. which company to choose?

Geotab was ranked the #1 commercial telematics vendor globally by ABI Research and continues to be recognised for their innovative technology. If you have a fleet of any size then we have a solution to suit your needs.

The Numbers Don’t Lie

Over 20. years of continuous growth. 40,000 businesses rely on our GeoTab system. We have collected over 40 billion data points daily. With 2 million vehicles connected globally. These numbers don’t lie

Market leader Geotab is now available from GeoSecure

GeoSecure has a drive for client satisfaction and optimum quality to price ratio. We also ensure it is delivered promptly and within budget.

Geotab provides advanced, fleet management solutions. Combined with GeoSecure’s extensive telematics experience, and focus on return on investment, the solution you need to manage your fleet is available now.

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GPS tracking and fleet management tools for your vehicle and plant assets

At GeoSecure we have a passion for products that differentiate from the norm and exceed expectations.

At GeoSecure we have a passion for products that differentiate from the norm and exceed expectations.

Fleet Management solutions are essential tools for any business that own or operate vehicle or asset fleets. These tools help businesses to improve safety, manage risk, drive efficiencies and ultimately reduce the costs associated with fleet operations.

Working alongside businesses of all sizes over 20 years, across 3 continents and a broad range of industries we know Telematics & Vehicle Tracking solutions well and they are not a one size fits all.

Selecting the right management tools for your operations is where the challenge lies and where GeoSecure aim to change the game. Whether you are planning to implement a Fleet or Driver management solution and would benefit from a discussion or you need help driving benefits from a solution that has already been deployed, GeoSecure can help.

GeoSecure was created to bring innovative Fleet Management & Data Security products to Australia, New Zealand and the APAC region to ensure businesses can cost effectively deploy scalable, simple to use, technically & commercially fit for purpose solutions into their operations.

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Email us your details and we will get straight back to you or simply call us!

Automate your fleet management operations and increase your bottom line.
Join over 40,000 clients globally who are already benefiting from Geotab Telematics solutions to increase fleet productivity, improve driver and road safety and reduce fuel usage and vehicle emissions.
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